You have been selected!

First, welcome! Thank you for taking the time to apply and to be here!

I can't wait to be on this journey with make some amazing memories for your senior year!

You have been selected to be apart of something great and we are going to make it count!

The rep program will start April 1, 2022.

However for the month of February I will be holding your individualized senior portraits.


  • Location of choice. I have a few locations in mind if you don't have any preferred.
  • 20 of the best high resolution digital images from our session via client gallery
  • A welcome gift from me!
  • 2 outfit changes
  • Up to 1 hour for a sunset session

Starting April or if you'd like to start early, I AM HERE FOR IT! You are required to share social media posts from my photography page, share information with your local friend groups, school, what have you, and most importantly REFER new clients!

Each month from February until your graduation we will do group styled shoots at different locations. Most of the participants you may or may not know, but that is okay! This incentive is to bring together school communities and opportunities to rising seniors by having fun and making friends!

You will receive a separate email with a contract that is to be signed by your Parent/Legal Guardian. Which gives you permission to participate in the program. You will also receive a separate email with an invoice, which will secure your spot for the program year.

Below are just a few small questions Id love to know about you!

I will also be creating a social media chat so that we can talk, you can meet other reps, discuss ideas (I'm always up for new ones) and I will share group session dates and times, as well as locations.

I am looking forward to meeting and working with you this year! any questions don't hesitate to reach out!

kindest regards,


Please list two dates in January or February that you would love to get your individualized senior portraits complete.