CCP Mentorship Program

The CCP Mentorship program is designed as a “pay what you can” (respectively) program for up to 1 hour mentorship with yours truly. The program is intended to assist beginner photographers or photographers wanting to learn the basics and enhance their knowledge, all while gaining the skills to level up their photography portfolio! The program will be 1:1 (one on one) and will be curated by me, based on your skill-level and what you want out of our time together. This can be anywhere from learning how to use your camera OR setting up a mini styled shoot for you to practice hands on. Of course you will be able to use images to build your portfolio for future clientele. I specialize in emotive storytelling and authentic imagery, and I plan to educate you on how to use those tools to deliver a seamless gallery. I thrive on helping others succeed and I only want the best for you and your business!

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Sessions are pay what you can!

(I.e. Camera Basics, Models/Portfolio Building, Social Media Management/CRM)